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"We wanted to let you know how happy we are that Lina is living at Blossom Hill Gardens LLC (BHG). Each day we know that Lina is receiving the best loving care from a facility that treats her like their own family. We are so impressed with the beautiful well kept home and gardens that are a real treat for all the residents. It is so much fun to sit outside with Lina and company under the many fruit trees on a nice sunny day. We love the picture of the residents in the dining room collectively showing them in their younger days. Special occasions and holidays are always celebrated with great food and fanfare all the way down to the tiniest detail. It's always a treat to see the residents dance! The caregivers at BHG are real heroes with giant hearts and are always around to help out in any way they can. We sleep well at night knowing that our cousin is in the best of hands and look forward to many more years of happiness and health at Blossom Hill Gardens LLC."

- Thank you, Baroni Family

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"Finding Blossom Hill Gardens LLC was a blessing for us. We had spent many months searching for a place for our mom. The first time we stepped foot in Blossom Hill Gardens LLC, we knew this was home. The warmth and beauty that emits from the place gave all of us a warm fuzzy feeling. We love the fact that it is a home like setting which was really important to Pat. The owner and caregivers are exceptional in every way. We get excellent feedback and have great communication with everyone involved. We always know how mom is doing. We really feel like they are an extended family. Besides her daily involvement, the fact that the owner and her family come by on weekends to play music and dance with the residents really touches our hearts. I'm from a big family of 10 children, so that kind of interaction, really hits home with me. We know Pat truly enjoys it. She loves her music! We can't thank everyone enough for the care and compassion that they give and show each and every day. Like we stated before, we are truly blessed."

- The Hill Family

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"My 99 year old mom was living on her own before we found Blossom Hill Gardens LLC and had to go to the hospital on average every two months.This was due to her taking care of herself alone. She had trouble taking her medication, cooking, cleaning and bathing. At Blossom Hill Gardens LLC all this is done for her so efficiently. This facility exceeds our expectations. It is a very clean, warm and friendly home with great food and passionate staff that take real good care of my mom. She has found great friends at Blossom Hill Gardens LLC and has a very happy social life. The owner and her family are actively involved with the facility's daily life and her children bring my mom lots of love and joy. She now calls Blossom Hill Gardens LLC "home" and we are so happy and relieved!"

- Del Gilliam

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"I feel very fortunate that I found Blossom Hill Gardens LLC for my mom. As soon as I walked in and met with Parisa I felt at ease and comfortable. Parisa and her staff are always warm and welcoming. They make every effort to accomodate my wishes in helping my mom in every way. I know that my mom is always safe and well cared for. I was also pleased to see the beautiful backyard as my mom loves to sit outside and watch the sky and the trees. Although this has been a difficult journey for all of us I feel that Blossom Hill Gardens LLC is as close to "home" as possible for my mom. I feel very fortunate that my mom and I have become part of the "Blossom Hill Gardens LLC Family!"

- Linda Smith

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“We can't say enough about the care and attention our Mother receives at Blossom Hill Gardens LLC. It is a first class facility. From the cleanliness of the home, to the healthy meals, to the genuine caring nature of the staff. She is surrounded by wonderful people. Parisa goes above and beyond to insure quality care and loving attention to each resident. She cares for them as she would a family member. Parisa always presents a professional appearance and business manner. In September, we celebrated Mom's 99th birthday. Parisa gave Mom beautiful roses, her children chose special gifts and a lovely meal was prepared for our family and friends. Parisa and her family were an important part of our celebration. We feel like Mom is home at Blossom Hill Gardens LLC and know that she is happy there. We truly appreciate everything they do for her. Thank you Parisa and Family and Blossom Hill Gardens LLC Staff”

- Joe and Gail Bonacorso

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“Blossom Hill Gardens LLC is a modern, clean, well-managed assisted living facility which provides an outstanding environment for your dearest loved one.  Parisa Paknia owns and manages the facility in a professional manner but somehow turns the facility environment into a truly wonderful living experience. The Facility provides freshly cooked 3 meals a day, 24 hr trained and caring staff, individual and group activities and genuine love for the extended family. The Parisa’s family is truly special and the best part of the Facility. They go out of their way to provide a living experience you would hope for in your later years. Birthdays, holidays and special events are all personally celebrated. We are extremely happy to have our mother as part of Parisa's 'extended family'.”

- Ric and Karen Davis

Testimonials 1

“Our family has been very happy with the care our Mom has received at Blossom Hill Gardens LLC .  Parisa and her family are so warm and have made our Mom feel loved just like she would in her own home.  Parisa always goes out of her way to ensure that special events are recognized.  For example, August 18th was our Mom’s wedding anniversary and Parisa brought her some beautiful flowers and even looked through our Mom’s wedding album with her.  Everything is always bright and clean and well taken care of and we have all enjoyed the wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables from the back yard garden, as well as the daily freshly prepared meals.  We appreciate all that everyone does to keep our Mom safe and happy. Because of this, Parisa, her family and Blossom Hills Garden has made our Moms move there, the right one.”

- The Gallmann Family

Testimonials 1

“I cannot tell you how grateful we are to you and your staff for the care you're giving our mother. I live a few hours away, and when she was still in her home with 24/7 care, I was always worried and had phone calls often. Since she's been in your home, she has settled in and is not so lonely. Your home is warm, cheery and you and your staff have taken excellent care of her and for that we are very grateful. Thank you for you concern and conscientiousness in caring for our mother.”

- Chris Burdick

Testimonials 1

“My 91 year old father recently passed away and my only regret is that we did not find Blossom Hill Gardens LLC sooner. He had been in and out of hospitals and was too frail to qualify for assisted living, requiring more care. We were in despair trying to find a suitable home. From the moment we passed through the front door we knew that BHG was the one. The staff are warm, kind and caring. The facility is bright and beautiful, fresh fruit piled high on the kitchen counter, the menus healthy and home-cooked.

My father was delighted that staff took care to keep him looking smart, like his old self. He loved the food, the social interaction and the attention of all, especially Parisa's children, of whom he was very fond. It felt good to be home. What a huge relief to know he was in Parisa and her staff's hands! Dad couldn't have received better care. When he passed away, we all cried together. Thank you to BHG for giving my father quality of life to the very end. We are forever grateful.”

- The Lindemuth and Nuri families

Testimonials 1

“Our Mom had a stroke and was unable to take care of herself. Blossom Hill Gardens LLC was recommended to us from the rehab facility she was in. That was the best recommendation we could have ever gotten. All of our lives have been blessed with the love and care that she is receiving. Parisa is the most loving and compassionate person you could ever want taking care of your loved one. She is there every day and on the weekend her family comes with her and lightens up all the residents lives. I was amazed at what well-rounded meals they have and every thing is so fresh. This year their garden produced so many vegetables and all were used in the meals. I have watched the residents enjoying the beautiful back yard and benefiting from all the fruit trees. The caregivers are so loving and caring - my Mom can't say enough about them. All the holidays and special occassions are celebrated with the greatest amount of fun. This past 4th of July they even had red, white and blue ravoili's, patriotic music and dancing. Singing along to the songs was encouraged. Thank you Parisa for what you have given my Mom!!”

- Carol, Margery Nelson's daughter

Testimonials 2

“Our prayers were answered the minute we walked into Blossom Hill Gardens LLC (BHG) and met Parisa. We instantly knew that this wonderful home was where we wanted our mother to live. The attention and dedication that Parisa and her care givers provide for mom is beyond outstanding. They not only address everyday care needs, but most importantly provide a loving home and family. The house is beautifully decorated, always sparkling clean, and offers a huge backyard with areas to walk, and picnic in between the many fruit trees. Mom enjoys the daily exercise, game and art activities, but above all she adores her wonderful extended family. My sister and I no longer have to worry because we know mom is well taken care of and happy. We can never fully express our thanks to Parisa, Kory and their children Parsa and Parinaz for everything they have done for mom and for us. We are truly fortunate to be part of their extended family.”

- Tricia, Mary Ulloa's daughter

Testimonials 2

“I highly recommend Blossom Hill Gardens LLC Residential Care Home In Los Gatos.
I was very fortunate to have my husband James accepted by the owner Parisa Paknia as a patient in her facility. It is a family orientated home and the families are always welcome to visit. My husband James received the best of loving care while he was a patient there. Parisa spent many hours sitting beside my husband's bedside holding his hands and comforting him in his hours of need. I could not have found a better home for him in his last days of life.
All of her attendants are also very caring and thoughtful.”

- Charlotte Faulkner

“I want to thank you, your family and staff at Blossom Hill Gardens LLC for your loving and attentive care given my father, James.
You made the last three months of his life comfortable and peaceful with your personal touch and attention to his needs. Your experience with the Hospice process and interaction with their doctors, nurses, chaplain and social workers was invaluable and indispensable to his care and our peace of mind.
But the most important thing you did was make him feel like family, with your house becoming his home.
Our family can never thank you enough for the many hours you personally spent talking, comforting and reassuring him. We hope you know how much he too cared for you.”

- John Faulkner

Testimonials 2

"We cannot begin to tell you how happy we were with Blossom Hill Gardens. Who knew that this little gem would prove to be such a fine place for my father, Hugh. Parisa was an extraordinary help, capable, attentive, and caring administrator. The staff was always helpful, watchful and capable. The family atmosphere was heightened by Parisa's own family frequently coming in to add to the good mood at this nice place. The home was always open to visitors, spacious and nicely decorated. Other members of my father's family came by on a number of occasions and would inevitably remark about how Blossom Hill Gardens was so friendly and clean. My Dad's needs were taken care of, there was always well staffed supervision, the food was good and the people were great. I strongly recommend Blossom Hill Gardens to everyone."

- Bruce Manson

Testimonials 2

"My Dad had a strong desire to spend the end of his life in his own home. When he began his decline, I kept him at his house with 24/7 care for almost a year and one half. He had a couple of very wonderful caregivers, yet they could not be there with him all the time -- and thus his care turned out being uneven. When I started to seek an alternative for him, many situations were less than appealing - fortunately some friends of his recommended looking at Blossom Hill Gardens, and it was easy to see how superior a place it is.

The owner, Parisa, and her staff are all very involved and make Blossom Hill Gardens feel so much like "home" that it actually improved my Dad's overall situation. The cleanliness, warmth, and communal qualities of Blossom Hill Gardens gave my Dad a chance to socialize and meet new people - two things that he really enjoyed. He was also cared for by a regular and consistent group of people - which was reassuring for me. Parisa has a very special way with elders, and I hold her in the highest esteem for that.

Overall, while my Dad did not have his last days in his own house, he definitely was "at home" at Blossom Hill Gardens. In fact, he seemed to be having such a great time after he moved in that I saw him smiling there as he'd not smiled in years."

- Johnathon Schmuck

Testimonials 2

"My 99 year old Mom, Helen, was living alone in her own home when I found Blossom Hill Gardens. We started having care for her a few hours a day at home but as her eyesight diminished we knew she needed more care.

Blossom Hill Gardens provides an awake care giver at night and also has an option for hospice care when needed. These were both important to us.

We are so pleased with the wonderful staff who are very caring and attentive. Parisa is very involved on a daily basis and her family spends Sundays with the residents at the Gardens. They are all very loving and compassionate individuals.

We all enjoy the beautiful backyard with fruit trees and a small garden. Mom likes to sit outside with her visitors when the weather is nice. I live very close to the Gardens so I get to visit often and the residents and staff have become an extended family for Mom and my family.

We feel very blessed."

- Donna, Helen's daughter

Testimonials 2

"My amazing mother, Celia lived independently until she fell at age 96 cracking her hip. We knew the time for assisted living had come. I found a large, upscale facility with a great reputation where she could have her own apartment. However, she did not thrive there. It was too isolating and she began to withdraw into her memories. She contracted pneumonia and I knew I had to find a smaller residence where people were cherished as individuals and encouraged to engage as fully in life as possible. After disappointing visits to a dozen or so highly recommended options, I began to think that such a place did not exist. But, when I took my first step into Blossom Hill Gardens, the extraordinary home Parisa Paknia has filled with smiles, warmth, enthusiasm and obvious love for elders, I knew my search was over. There wasn't an immediate opening, but we were willing to wait. We were blessed with only a short wait and my mother is now surrounded by individualized care in a beautiful environment. The gardens are gorgeous and provide home grown fruits and vegetables for meals as well as flowers. Parisa is onsite daily and her husband and delightful children come on Sundays. I give thanks daily that Parisa's extended family now includes our own."

- Caroline Bliss-Isberg, daughter

Testimonials 2

"After losing her husband of 74 years, Margaret showed signs of depression. She needed more care and attention than she could receive in her own home. Blossom Hill Gardens provided that care and attention, and Margaret thrived in their caring environment. Parisa, her family members, and the BHG care givers provide a loving environment that encourages residents to stay actively engaged in daily life. Margaret enjoyed the daily activities, the special holiday parties, and the companionship of those around her. Her family is thankful to have found Blossom Hill Gardens."

- The Greni Family

Testimonials 2

"I am grateful everyday that we found Blossom Hill Gardens! My husband, John, has been battling a rare dementia for 14 years. The family knew that eventually there would come a time when we would need to put him in a care facility; so we’ve always been kind of on the lookout for the “right” place and getting on wait lists. Well, that time came unexpectedly (due to my health) and we started revisiting places on our list, most of which either didn’t have an opening or wouldn’t take John because he was still so strong and mobile. As we were getting turned down by other places, we got an unexpected call from Parisa that she did have an opening and was willing to assess John. She visited us several times in our home and we took John for a couple of visits to BHG. Parisa even contacted John’s neurologist. It was obvious that she wanted to make sure that John would be a fit for her family at Blossom Hill Gardens.

We are so grateful that Parisa was willing to take a chance with John . . . . that was 6 months ago. She, her own family , and the staff have all embraced John with open arms and worked with me to make him comfortable and happy there. We know that he takes extra care and monitoring and I know he gets that at BHG; I can stop in any time and see that. Each resident is treated so special. The caregivers are awesome and open to suggestions that I may have for them regarding John; this helps me to feel that I still have a part in his care, which is important to me and the family. It was not an easy decision to move John from home, even though his journey with dementia has been difficult. But mostly, through it all, he never lost his smile. And he’s still smiling these days, so we know he must be in the “right “ place."

- Melody Ross

Testimonials 2

"Parisa has created a loving and homey environment for all the residents and their families. My mother has only been living at Blossom Hill Gardens for only a few months but you can feel and see that the caregivers really care for the residents. Dealing with someone with dementia is sometimes very trying for the immediate family but I find that the staff at BHG understand the difficulties associated with the disease and care for my mother with respect and thoughtfulness."

- Pam, daughter of Isabel (“Liz”)


"Blossom Hill Gardens has been a lifesaver for my mom. She was deteriorating mentally and emotionally prior to being here. She has blossomed from all the love and attention that BHG has provided. The high standards, quality care and cleanliness are outstanding. I feel blessed to have found such a wonderful, devoted, and loving home for my mom. The residents are treated as if they were family; celebrating holidays and birthdays. I cannot say enough to express my profound thanks for such an outstanding facility."

- Myrna Bodner


"My dear mom, Nancy, lived her entire life with family until last year, when her husband (my Dad) and her sister both passed away. At the age of 90, for the first time in her life she was living alone (with a caregiver). I researched many options, including visiting a dozen nearby board-and-care homes. I found Blossom Hill Gardens, and it was clearly at the top of my list. Since moving in, Nancy is very happy and has thrived. I feel fortunate to have found such a quality home for my Mom, with loving care provided by Parisa and her staff. I highly recommend Blossom Hill Gardens."

- Andrew Voelker, son


"We are absolutely delighted with the care our mother is receiving at Blossom Hill Gardens. Parisa and her staff are caring, competent and attentive. We feel extraordinarily lucky that there was an opening for our Mom. We know she is receiving the best care available and is safe, happy and as healthy. When I took my mother for a routine doctor’s appointment after she had been living at Blossom Hill Gardens for several months, the doctor said she looked much younger and is in excellent health. The food at Blossom Hill Gardens is superb, the backyard is beautiful and there are a variety of activities to keep their minds stimulated. Additionally, there are special events celebrated regularly that all family members are invited to attend. Our mother was extremely reluctant to leave her home where she had lived for close to fifty years. Now, however, she would never go back. We highly recommend Blossom Hill Gardens."

- Stephen Rashid

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